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Drowning In Paper? We'll Save You!
(Time ... Hassle ... Space)

Let Edison Credit Union rescue you from the waves of files that are taking over your home.

By enrolling in free e-statements, you'll have a secure and convenient way to monitor your statements online.

  • We send you an email when your statement is available for viewing, which is a full week earlier than when members receive their paper statements.
  • A secure connection and password protection will keep your information safe.
  • View current and previous statements online, or save them to your personal computer for offline viewing.
  • Unlike paper statements, e-statements can't be stolen from your mailbox or delivered to the wrong address.

To get started, Virtual Branch users just need to select the "Save A Tree, Avoid A Fee" banner the next time you're logged in to online banking. If you don't yet have online banking, we make it easy to sign up!