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We Proactively Protect Our Cardholders

Security breaches at national retailers, insurance carriers and financial institutions have affected millions of Americans - including some of Edison Credit Union's debit cardholders.

While other financial institutions tell accountholders to keep the card and watch account for activity, it is our policy to:

  • Alert affected cardholders of the breach.
  • Cancel the compromised card(s).
  • Replace the compromised card(s) at no charge to the cardholder.

We do so to avoid losses and protect your accounts. This may cause an inconvenience to our members in the short term, and we apologize for the disruption. However, we feel that the steps we take will help prevent future fraudulent activity and limit the inconvenience of constant account monitoring for our members.

In 2017, we're taking fraud prevention one step further. Edison Credit Union's debit cards now feature EMV chips, and we will reissue all debit cards in the coming months.